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Uphill in a small hamlet, on the edge of the village of Montgon, is the domain that we purchased in 2014. Besides an old and dilapidated house where plants grew inside, there was also a great nature reserve with two lakes. The house has now been renovated and we have completed an extension containing the gite (2023).

The domain is 1.5 hectares, most of which is and remains a nature reserve. Because of its rugged character we have given it the name Joli Sauvage.

It is an ideal place for all kinds of wildlife. We regularly see deer, wild boars, foxes, squirrels and all kinds of birds (of prey). There are also carp, wild ducks and the occasional coypu swimming in the large lake. It is therefore not very suitable for swimming.


Nevertheless, you can enjoy the unspoilt nature, the silence, the whistling of the birds and the rustling of the trees.

Nice to start the day with a morning walk around the lake (when there is the best chance of seeing wild animals). 

Or relax with a good book until evening falls and it becomes too dark to read any further.....​

Domaine de vacances en Champagne-Ardenne

Joli Sauvage

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